Virtual Tour of Italy

Summer Activity 2020

As most of us will find it difficult to spend time in Italy this summer we have organized our unique tour of Italy.

Guided by Alessandra we will learn about  6 regions of Italy. Discover here which regions we will discover together.

We will learn about the history, culture, geography, traditions, cuisine and, of course, language.

Please fill in the registration form below to get onto this fantastic tour. Limited places are available to make sure there is engaging interaction in the group.

The form needs to be returned by July 13th.

The course is runs over 6 weeks with one session a week. The cost is £60 for the course. To ensure maximum enjoyment, the tour will run in two groups based on the command of Italian:

Intermediate-advanced, starting on July 15th 18:30-19:30.

Improvers, starting on July 16th 10:30-12:00.

Please fill in this form to register for the Virtual Tour of Italy 2020.

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